Uninstallation Instructions

If you wish to remove PhotoVidShow from your computer please follow the instruction steps below.

PhotoVidShow will by default leave your project files and any downloaded media files un-touched. If you wish to remove these files, this can be done manually by deleting the PhotoVidShow directory which is located in your Documents folder

If any any time, you have questions or need further assistance with removing our software, please contact our support team at support@photovidshow.com

Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista:

  • • Click ‘Start’ (Bottom Left of your screen)
  • • Then click ‘Control Panel’
  • • Next click ‘Programs and Features’
  • • Find PhotoVidShow and click ‘Uninstall’

Windows XP:

  • • Click ‘Start’ (Bottom Left of your screen)
  • • Move to ‘Settings’ then click ‘Control Panel’
  • • Next click ‘Add or Remove Programs’
  • • Find PhotoVidShow and click ‘Remove’
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