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If you receive an error when trying to import some video file types into PhotoVidShow, you probably need to install a video codec on your computer. Common problem video files are .mov files and .mp4 files or even for video files that contain ac3 audio.

PhotoVidShow website now hosts popular codec packs, FFDShow, Haali Media splitter and the AC3Filter. These are third party packages that work well with PhotoVidShow.

TIP: For Windows XP/Vista users or for users running v4.1.8 and earlier who wish to import .mov or .mp4 video files into PhotoVidShow, you will need to install FFDShow and the Haali media splitter.


Windows 7/8/10 users no longer need to install this codec pack to be able to import .mov and .mp4 into PhotoVidShow as from v4.2.1

Download and install FFDShow if you are running Windows XP or Vista and want to import .mov or .mp4 video files. FFDShow also supports numerous other video and audio formats as well.

You can still install and use FFDShow if you are running Windows 7/8/10 if you wish. Install FFDShow and then from the PhotoVidShow editor, select 'Tools -> Video import settings' from the top menu to then override the default Microsoft decoders.

Click here to download FFDshow (rev 4530 9/02/2014)

Haali Media Splitter

As from PhotoVidShow v4.2.1 you no longer need to install this.

The Haali Media Splitter contains a common media splitter for .mts, .mov .mp4 video container formats.

We have left this package here for legacy reasons, for people running PhotoVidShow v4.1.8 and earlier. If you are running an earlier version you will also probably need to install the FFDShow codec pack as well.

Click here to download Haali Media splitter

AC3Filter lite 2.6.0b

Some video files may contain ac3 audio. If you can not import a video file, or if PhotoVidShow can not audio rip a video file when encoding and you suspect the video contains ac3 audio. It may be worth installing this package.

Typically video files containing ac3 often have 5.1 Dolby sound, e.g. a movie ripped as a .mp4 file.

Click here to download AC3Filter lite

Convert a video file to mp4 (FREE)

We provide a free tool that can convert most video file formats to the .mp4 video format. If you are having problems importing a video file into PhotoVidShow, it may be worth try converting it first using this tool. You will need to unzip the entire package somewhere on your computer, then run the tool.

Click here to download video converter zip package

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